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In 2014, a report was released by legal strategist Jordan Furlong in which it was identified that the legal profession is going through an "industrial revolution", and that legal entrepreneurs are the way forward. 

According to the Legal Global Post, based on Australian legal trends “the unique role of sole legal counsel” has been recognised “as the industry's newest growth area”.

“…the emergence of NewLaw as a major challenger to traditional legal practices is a growing trend, with clients delighted at the flexibility and fit-for-purpose service on offer” – Bespoke Managing Director, Jeremy Szwider

With BigLaw experience, aligned with the "NewLaw" trend and an entrepreneurial spirit, Britain Renecke was established in 2015, and is still climbing. 

Leveraging off high calibre, diverse individuals who all believe in excellence; Britain Renecke is brave, bold and relevant. 

Britain Renecke offers an alternative to the traditional BigLaw business model; where we work with clients.  We are quality and value driven and offer affordable flat fees and retainers as the norm, not the exception.
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